• Leader Imperative #1. Culture: Your Enduring Competitive Advantage

    NumberOne small_18681809_OK“Your business plan is what you are, but Culture is who you are.”
    – Gary Kelly, Chairman and CEO, Southwest Airlines

    Every organization has a culture, sometimes referred to as its personality or organizational DNA. An organization’s culture grows out of the values, behaviors and norms that its top management encourages, rewards or – in some cases – simply allows to exist.

    Key Point. Research has long shown that organizational culture has a significant impact on bottom-line performance.

    For instance, a comparative study of high versus low-performance corporate cultures by John Kotter and James Hesket in 1992 found revenue growth of 682 percent versus 166 percent, stock price increases of 901 percent versus 74 percent, and job growth of 282 percent versus 36 percent.

    Do I have your attention now?

  • LEAD NOW-Sept 2013

    Mastering the New Normal: Five Leader Imperatives

    “Good counselors lack no clients.” – William Shakespeare

    Good counselors can stay relevant for 400 years too, if your name is William Shakespeare. I’m inspired here to quote the Bard’s wisdom in introducing my five key leader sustainability areas for mastering the New Normal. They are culture, customers, talent, reputation and risk management.

  • LEAD NOW -June 2013

    Perils of the Productive Narcissist, Part 2 – Why Your Star Performer May Be a “Black Hole”

    To recap, my definition of a Productive Narcissist (PN) is someone who, on the one hand, possesses exceptional abilities – such as creativity, intellectual firepower or rainmaking prowess – and, on the other, pronounced narcissistic personality traits. PNs are notable for their sense of entitlement, excessive ego, self-absorption and constant need for attention and recognition.

  • What’s Your “Presidents IQ”? Leader Quiz

    PreZDay small_16822090_OKThis month, highlighted by Presidents Day, naturally makes me think of presidents. Test your “Presidents IQ” with this 12- question leader quiz. The correct answers are provided below.

    1. The National Park Service was created by an act signed by:
    A. Ulysses Grant
    B. Theodore Roosevelt
    C. Woodrow Wilson
    D. John F. Kennedy

    2. Which President was a Rhodes scholar:
    A. John F. Kennedy
    B. Jimmy Carter
    C. Woodrow Wilson
    D. Bill Clinton

    3. Which President never held office as a state’s governor?
    A. George H.W. Bush
    B. James Monroe
    C. Calvin Coolidge
    D. William McKinley

    4. Which President extended the boundaries of the United States to the Pacific?
    A. Thomas Jefferson
    B. James Polk
    C. Theodore Roosevelt
    D. Abraham Lincoln

    5. Who was the youngest man to serve as President?
    A. Andrew Jackson
    B. John F. Kennedy
    C. Theodore Roosevelt
    D. James Madison

    6. Which President said: “A president’s hardest task is not to do what is right, but to know what is right.”
    A. Jimmy Carter
    B. George Washington
    C. Lyndon B. Johnson
    D. Richard Nixon

    7. The number of Presidents who received the Nobel Peace Prize is:
    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
    D. Four

    8. Who said: “The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all.”
    A. John F. Kennedy
    B. Harry S. Truman
    C. Dwight Eisenhower
    D. Ronald Reagan

    9. Which President achieved the highest electoral vote?
    A. Thomas Jefferson
    B. George W. Bush
    C. Gerald Ford
    D. Ronald Reagan

    10. Which President has issued the most executive orders?
    A. George Washington
    B. Abraham Lincoln
    C. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    D. Barack Obama

    11. Who said: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you
    want done because he wants to do it.”
    A. Bill Clinton
    B. James Madison
    C. Dwight Eisenhower
    D. Calvin Coolidge

    12. Which President established the Environmental Protection Agency by executive order?
    A. Richard Nixon
    B. Lyndon Johnson
    C. Gerald Ford
    D. Jimmy Carter

    Scroll down for the correct answers.



    1.  A.  Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service in 1916.

    2.  D.  Bill Clinton.

    3.  A. George H.W. Bush never served as a state’s governor.

    4.  B.  James Polk was President during the Mexican War (1846-48) which resulted in the U.S. gaining California.

    5.  C.  Theodore Roosebelt was 42 when he succeeded McKinley, who was assassinated in 1901.

    6.  C.  Lyndon B. Johnson.

    7.  D.  Four:  Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Carter, and Obama.

    8.  B.  Truman.

    9.  D.  Reagan in 1984.

    10. C.  Franklin D.Roosevelt issued 3,728 orders between 1933 and 1945.

    11. C.  Eisenhower.

    12.  A.  Nixon in 1970.

    Ten or more correct?  You really know your Presidents!