• Are You A “Type-G” Leader? – The Profitable Power of Gratitude

    Gratitude_small “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”    – William James

    Effective leaders get results with and through other people – employees, customers, clients, vendors and the general public.

    Those with a track record of longevity balance healthy ambition with gratitude.  They make Gratitude a core value in building their organizations, their culture, and their professional and business brands.  I call them Type-G leaders for short.

  • Anne V. Peterson, Stony Brook University Counseling Center

    “Susan Battley provides incisive, winning advice for dealing with complex management and career issues. My position involves constant sorting through layers in complicated situations and then setting focus and priorities. Susan has accelerated my growth as a more strategic and effective leader.”

    —Anne V. Peterson, PhD
    Associate Director
    Stony Brook University Counseling Center