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We provide custom individual and enterprise-wide leadership development solutions that supercharge executive performance and prepare next-generation talent for senior management positions. As independent advisors and behavioral scientists, we use the most advanced diagnostic tools to help our clients achieve rapid, enduring performance improvement.

Executive Coaching – Individual Performance Optimization Services
Enterprise-Wide Leadership Development

Executive Coaching: Common Scenarios

  • Maximize a leader’s effectiveness to drive the organization profitably, productively and responsibly
  • Assimilate new executive hires quickly and successfully
  • Transform technical professionals into leaders
  • Groom a successor candidate for advancement
  • Prevent valued contributors from job derailment

The Battley Five-Step Executive Coaching Model is a targeted, evidence-based
approach to accelerating leadership effectiveness. It is based on Susan Battley’s
highly praised book, Coached to Lead.


Step 1. Define: Identify success in terms of specific performance requirements, goals and desired outcomes.

Step 2. Assess: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes an individual behavioral assessment; a multi-source (“360-degree”) feedback component; and
position analysis.

Step 3. Plan: Develop a detailed Action Plan with specific action steps, progress indicators and timetable.

Step 4. Act: Implement the plan with the coach acting as facilitator, guide and sounding board.

Step 5. Review: Evaluate behavior change and business impact against desired outcomes.

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Enterprise-Wide Leader Development

Our systematic approach to leadership development starts with clarifying each organization’s unique requirements for their current and future senior executives. We design custom and facilitate custom programs that are powerfully aligned with mission-critical business objectives and that deliver enduring performance improvement results .

Our goal for the business or organization is threefold: enhance executive effectiveness now; retain top talent; and prepare a core bench of next-generation leaders.

Custom Solutions Include:

  • Organizational talent needs assessment
  • Leader profile competency modeling
  • 360-degree feedback and leader development programs
  • Organization culture assessment
  • Employee engagement
  • Executive coaching
  • Management skills and high-potential development programs
  • Focus groups
  • Facili-leading strategy and management offsites

Our deep expertise in leadership competencies and business pragmatics translates into winning and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

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