Leader Assessment & Integration

Leader assessment, selection and advancement are among the highest impact, highest risk decisions that boards and chief executives make. The cost of an executive mis-hire can easily surpass 200% of total annual compensation in terms of recruiter fees, salary, depressed operational performance, missed business opportunities, flight of other talent and reputation damage.  We help improve the success odds from selection to new leader onboarding.

Leader Assessment Solutions
Leader Integration Services

Leader Assessment – Keeping Science in the Hiring Chemistry

As expert behavioral scientists and management consultants, we help you improve the odds of hiring and promoting on the basis of a winning Whole-Person Fit.

A Whole-Person Fit means that the candidate possesses not just the technical expertise and work experience to deliver business results, but also all-important personality traits, interpersonal and communication skills and organizational savvy.

We apply sophisticated, evidence-based methodologies that “keep science in the hiring chemistry.” Our approach involves a comprehensive Whole-Person Fit assessment that identifies a candidate’s capabilities and personal work style and preferences, and maps these to the specific competencies and success requirements of the given position.

In assessing external candidates, we pay particular attention to goodness-of-fit issues between the candidate and the organization. Research shows that many outside hires fail because they are a mis-match with the organization’s core values and culture. This is the case even when an executive is hired to effect transformational change.

In evaluating candidates, we look at dimensions that predict successful job performance. We also identify any developmental gaps and potential transition challenges that individual candidates might experience. Our assessments provide you, the decision-maker, with targeted, nuanced candidate profiles for making your executive hiring and promotion choices confidently and for maximum long-term success.

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Leader Integration – Navigating the New Role

Performance expectations for new senior executives are exceptionally high, with little or no honeymoon period. Our integration or onboarding programs focus on shortening the time it takes for a new leader to get up to speed, build a team and produce early wins within the first 100 days.

Our custom programs differentiate between external and internal candidates, as they typically have different leadership challenges to master.

Research shows that 40% of external executive hires leave their employer within 18 months, either voluntarily or due to termination.

Our integration programs for outside candidates have a strong emphasis on helping the new executive successfully navigate the organization’s culture and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Leader retention is as critical as performance.

Insider candidates most commonly have to scale up their leader presence, including renegotiating relationships with former colleagues.

For both external and internal hires, our executive integration programs optimize the new leader’s capabilities and performance in the following areas:

  • Effective communication
  • Setting and executing strategic initiatives
  • Relationship-building
  • Alignment with the organization’s culture
  • Top Team formation or renewal
  • Securing early wins
  • Partnering with the board (for new CEOs)
  • Change management

Beyond the first 100 days, we help the executive consolidate early wins and refine his /her approach to successful execution and longer-term complex change initiatives.

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