Mergers and Acquisitions Integration

Due Diligence and Integration Services

Mergers and Acquisitions are largely driven by financial and market objectives. Yet research shows that over 60 percent fail to realize their expected shareholder value due to leadership and cultural-fit reasons.

Consider too that 40 percent of all external executive hires leave their employer within 18 months, either voluntarily or due to termination.



We work with clients to avoid M & A risks associated with executive and culture-fit.  Our approach is collaborative and evidence-based, combining deep behavioral science expertise with business pragmatics.

Our goal is to help clients maximize the upside potential of strategic acquisitions while insuring against inherent downside risks and derailers.

We begin by understanding the primary business goals and then conducting an unbiased evaluation to identify success-critical leadership and cultural dimensions.  These insights serve to inform and clarify acquisition decisions and integration priorities and tactics.

Our M & A Services include:

  • Due Diligence – Initial review and assessment of management talent and culture synergies and risk factors for comprehensive decision-making.
  • Integration Planning – Identification of leadership, culture and structural priorities and actions that will positively impact strategy implementation .
  • Implementation Effectiveness – Enhanced capabilities and performance of the integrated leadership team to achieve business results quickly and consistently.

Data collection can include individual interviews, executive and top team assessments, focus groups and organizational culture surveys.

We utilize scientifically-validated assessments targeted to industry and market-specific high performance leader and business execution.