Succession Planning

Ensuring Leader Continuity | Managing Business Risk

Leadership succession ranks among the board’s most important responsibilities. It is also a signal activity for every CEO who is mindful of his or her own role and legacy as an effective steward-leader.

We help decision-makers succeed at selecting – or developing – the best candidate for the job. Our approach starts with a robust selection process that identifies role and business-specific core competencies. Internal and external candidates are then evaluated in terms of a Whole-Person Fit.

A Whole-Person Fit means that the candidate possesses not just the technical expertise and work experience to deliver business results, but also all-important personality traits, interpersonal and communication skills and organizational savvy.

We help boards to be fully prepared for these high-stakes C-Suite Succession Scenarios:

  • Planned succession involving the systematic identification and grooming of one or more internal candidates. It can also involve an external search to identify other qualified successor candidates.
  • Accelerated succession that occurs when the incumbent leader departs or retires unexpectedly, and a successor needs to step in (or up) prematurely.
  • Emergency succession that occurs when there is a sudden vacancy, usually due to the incumbent’s health or death, and a successor needs to be identified and placed immediately.

Our solutions and services are grounded in a holistic approach to succession planning that encompasses individual candidate selection, new leader integration or onboarding, and systematic leadership development programs for the grooming of next-generation senior management.