Top Team Optimization

Leader-Top Team Alignment for Brilliant Execution

Leaders need a high-performance top management team in order to execute brilliantly. This Top Team needs to be composed of the right people operating in full alignment with the CEO’s agenda. We supercharge Top Teams by promoting and strengthening alignment around business strategy and operational efficiency.

Major events such as a CEO transition, an acquisition, post-merger integration or reorganization are high-stakes reasons for taking a fresh look at Top Team effectiveness.

The Battley Five-Step Model is a scientifically-based framework for achieving rapid, sustainable Top Team alignment:

Step 1. Define Success: Working with the CEO (or business division head), we identify key strategic goals and initiatives, both near and longer-term. We also identify the CEO’s needs and expectations of the Top Team.

Step 2. Assess the Leader and Team: We conduct data collection aimed at clarifying the CEO’s leadership style and personal values. We identify the desired skills and capabilities of the Top Team and compare these to their current skills and capabilities. We also analyze the current structure and size of the Top Team.

Step 3. Plan for Alignment: Based on our assessment findings, we help determine what the organization actually needs from the Top Team, both individually and collectively. Recommendations can encompass individual executive skill development, enhancing group dynamics, and structural and reward modifications.

Step 4. Execute the Plan: We partner with the CEO and Top Team to achieve desired results. Our custom solutions can include individual and team performance coaching, strategic planning program design and facili-leading strategy sessions.

Step 5. Review: Evaluate the Top Team’s performance against the CEO’s agreed-upon metrics.

Our deep expertise in behavioral science and business pragmatics translates into winning Top Team alignment and nimble execution to master emergent opportunities and competitive challenges.